The Guarani Aquifer

water for the future?

Botnia and ENCE Pulp Paper Mills

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2007- Building of Neither of Botnia and ENCE Pulp Paper Mills
Neither of the projects’ environmental assessment reports deals with the risk of contamination of the Guarani Aquifer. An extensive study (Head of the Departments of Environmental Engineering and Hydrology, National University of Cordoba, 12 September 2005 “Paper mills on the Uruguay River”. ) undertaken into the geology and hydrology of the region as well as the proposed production methods and discharges from the Botnia project, confirms that, despite the thick layer of basalt rock in the region, due to geological faults and other formations, permeable rocks have become saturated with surface waters from rivers and rainwaters, allowing the slow percolation of these liquids to recharge the aquifer. Accordingly the report concludes that impacts on the Guarani aquifer from the contamination of the surface waters are inevitable.

Jorge Daniel Taillant brought a legal complaint against the proposed projects.paper-company-argentina-complaint_0001

Jorge Daniel Taillant
Center for Human Rights and Environment (CEDHA)
tel. (54 351) 425 6278
cel. (54 9 351) 625 3290


Written by Annabel Symington

May 3, 2009 at 5:59 pm

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